Trustee's Fund 2016

 Dear Co-op Alumni and Alumni Parents, 

As I sit down to write this letter, a new school year is about to begin at the Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School (LPCNS).  I know that must bring a smile to your face!  For many of you, your own children (who just a minute ago were lining up Fern Court waiting to spend a few hours with Angie, Rosalia, and Purple Plum) are off to middle school, high school, and even college!  And it was those first gentle, supported, and purposeful steps into school that started your children down the path to becoming the caring, curious, and thoughtful people they are today.  Even your teenagers! 

As a community of former Co-op parents, we are all so fortunate to have had the opportunity to send our children to such a wonderful school, whether that was a year, five, or 25 years ago.  Not surprisingly, current school parents routinely echo what I am sure are your own sentiments:  that the Co-op is truly a "school home", and that they are blown away by the professionalism of the director, teachers and staff, their engagement in the school and its community, and the loyalty of the teachers to the leadership, and mission of the school (we haven't had a lead teacher turn over since 2012).  The Co-op therefore continues to be a very popular choice for parents, and our applicants are coming from more and more Chicago zip codes.  The Co-op is embracing this trend by engaging in marketing, outreach, and community events to ensure that our applicants and our students reflect the makeup of the whole of our amazing city.  I encourage you to visit the LPCNS website to see and learn more about what's happening on Fern Court! 

I know you understand the privilege and responsibility for stewardship that comes from being a member of the Co-op family.  As a true cooperative, current and former families alike donate their time, energy, spirit, and financial resources to the extent that they are able.  Given the important place the Co-op holds in all of our lives, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I therefore ask that you consider making a tax deductible contribution to the Trustee's Fund in an amount that is meaningful to your family.  The fund, established in 1983, is used to raise money for capital improvements, emergency needs, and other expenses that are not covered in the annual operating budget of the school.  Your gift will help ensure that the Co-op continues to provide the same safe and nurturing environment that all of our children enjoyed and benefitted from. 

Donations to the Trustee's Fund can most conveniently be made online.  If you prefer, checks may be made payable to LPCNS and mailed to the school.  Thank you for your support! 


Jon Spanbauer, on behalf of: 

Mark Koenig, Cindy Laegeler, Christine Weil, Jon Spanbauer, Robin Norton, and Eiman Chaudri

2016-17 LPCNS Elected Trustees

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