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Alumni Connections and News

This is a watercolor painting of the outside of our school (red brick building).

"LPCNS".  Watercolor by artist and alum (2012), Aviva Laegeler. July 2019. 



The LPCNS Board of Trustees is currently working on capturing contact information from LPCNS Alumni Families as far back as possible as we prepare to begin a celebration of 70 years.  If you are an LPCNS alumni and would like to know more about plans for LPCNS:  Celebrating 70 Years of Cooperation, please contact us via:  admin@lincolnparkcoop.org.  Thank you!




“The Co-op holds a very special place in my heart. It is a fantastic community and encourages exploration and confidence in its students through play. I was able to experience that during my own time there and when I was a camp counselor during my high school summers. I can still remember Goldie the Dragon puppet that the teachers used to narrate stories. One of my favorite things about being a camp counselor was while the books on the rug may have changed, the atmosphere of care in the classroom had not. 

Life long relationships are built at the Co-op. There are six families from my time there who to this day are all still friends, all of us older girls became friends in 2-day and all the younger siblings followed after. In fact I recently moved back to Chicago after going out east, I attended Cornell and worked in Manhattan for three years, and one of the first people I called up to grab a drink with one of my Co-Op friends.”  -Montana Birringer



"LPCNS means a lot to me and my family, and I feel so grateful that my three children were able to attend the Co-op for their preschool experience. The benefits are many for sure- but one that really sticks out in my mind is that when each of my children moved on to elementary school, their teachers were always so amazed at their social/emotional development. For me personally, I learned so much from the teachers, director, and other parents while we were at the school and I truly think that LPCNS has made me a better parent.

I have a long history at the school as I was a student from 1975-77.  To this day, my mother is still very close with some of the parents that she met during those years.  My three kids attended LPCNS for a combined eight straight years and I was a member of the Board of Directors in different capacities for all eight years. I have also served on the Board of Trustees since 2015 and am thrilled to be able to stay involved with a place that has been so important to me and my family."

-Christine Weil

A mother and her three sons stand outside in front of our school sign.