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A few comments from our staff:

The Co-op is a place where it is safe to be yourself, as a child, parent or teacher.  A place where children feel safe sharing their emotions (big and small). A place where it’s ok to be messy, curious, quiet and loud. A place where imperfect parenting is perfect. A place where we collaborate to do what’s best for children and families.  A place for parents to play with their children. A place for teachers to learn from parents and parents to learn from teachers and all of us to learn from children. A safe place for a child’s  first experience with group life.  A place to be understood. A home away from home. I would never want to teach anywhere but LPCNS!   

Rosalia Scholle, with LPCNS since 1990

Working at the Co-op means I'm part of a dedicated, thoughtful and collaborative team. From staff to parents, I love that we are all so invested in making each day a truly special experience for the children. The sense of community is evident amongst families and in the classroom.

Meredith Boese, with LPCNS since 2017

Being a part of this community is significant for me-both professionally and personally. Having joined as a student-teacher in 1998 (Angie was my cooperating teacher!) it’s almost as if I’ve grown up here.  The high level of commitment from both staff and families to ensure that this school has a place for anyone who wants to be here is truly astounding.  I’ve seen this as a teacher working with individual families over my time…and, been on the receiving end personally, as I’ve encountered inevitable life-changes.  I’m genuinely grateful and appreciative of that. 

Emily Cresswell, with LPCNS since 1998

I love the focus on partnership in learning - it's wonderful to partner with a community of people who are enthusiastic and thoughtful about learning more from each other.  I also appreciate working in an environment where people are willing to have tough conversations and work cooperatively to best support each child and family.

Abby Dye, with LPCNS since 2017 

I remember hearing about the wonderful experiences a classmate of mine from Erikson Institute had as a Co-op student teacher. From that day on, I was hooked!  Fast forward to 2019... thank you to all my past and present colleagues and school families for sharing the very best of yourselves with me. I carry a little bit of you into the classroom every day!

Angie Butler, with LPCNS since 1987

The mission of Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School (LPCNS or The Co-op) is to provide a safe and nurturing developmentally appropriate program for pre-school children, governed by a parent board, and staffed by professional early childhood educators with assistance from parents. The Co-op embraces a play based curriculum that is based upon the three principles of Social Constructivist philosophy: community, cooperation, and relationships.  Since its founding in 1951, LPCNS has stayed true to its vision: to provide play-based and emergent curriculum supported by developmentally appropriate practices grounded in a deep knowledge of child development.


  LPCNS is a licensed and NAEYC accredited nursery school.