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Director’s Blog


Greetings LPCNS Families,


With the fall semester well underway, we could not be more excited to share with you this schedule of upcoming activities. We look forward to seeing you at these events!

Director's Blog-October 12th

Good afternoon LPCNS families,


This week marks the beginning of our fall parent-teacher conference schedule. We use our parent-teacher conferences as an opportunity to hear your hopes and goals for your child. We will also use this time to share our initial observations, and suggest ways we can collaborate to best support your child in the classroom. 


What to expect in your parent-teacher conference:


In the conference, you will hear how we plan to develop your child's ability to connect with others, to understand their own needs and wants,  and to increase their comfort in their surrounding world, core values of our curriculum. 


Specifically, Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School’s curriculum is rooted in social constructivism, which emphasizes that humans are socially situated and that knowledge is constructed through interaction with others. Along with social constructivism, our’s is an emergent curriculum, meaning that the experiences, activities and goals are co-created between the teachers and the children. Finally, we embrace children's individual learning profiles and, through careful observation, seek to help each child follow his or her unique growth path. 


We view the fall parent-teacher conference as the start of conversations around these themes, as well as any other child development or parenting issue for which you would like support. 


To ensure that every family has the time they need, your conferencing teacher will check in  within two months of our fall conference. You are invited and encouraged you to reach out to your conferencing teacher, our assistant director Emily Cresswell, , or me at any time.  


Erin Booker