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Location and Facilities

Our three classrooms - two indoor and one outdoor - are located on the first floor of our building. High ceilings, large open spaces and abundant natural light help the classrooms feel spacious and inviting. Each indoor classroom features lofts, areas for small and large group time experiences, such as messy sensory play, and gross motor experiences. We also offer soft and cozy spaces. Our outdoor classroom (designed by Nature Explore – the only organization who certifies outdoor classrooms) is easily accessible by both indoor classrooms. Areas for digging, gardening, dramatic and creative play make this space a favorite for teachers and children alike.

Our school office, library, kitchen and meeting spaces are found on the second floor of the school.

Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School is located at 1753 North Fern Court, Chicago, IL 60614. We are proud to have owned our school building since 1975. Our building, a former Chicago Fire Department horse stable, has undergone significant renovations over the past few decades. Most recently, we refreshed the classrooms with new paint and lighting, carpets and an updated vestibule or "coat room".  

Contact us by phone (312-944-5469) or fax (312-944-3494).