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Our Cooperative Model

We know that children benefit from being able to share their first school experiences with parents and caregivers and our cooperative model lends to families forming genuine, collaborative community within the school.  As a staff,  we truly value this relationship understanding that it creates the space for children to better develop security and trust in their classrooms and teachers... thus making them available for real learning to take place.   Each day parents are in the classrooms and we are collaborating together. 
A parent is holding a piece of paper for a toddler to cut.

In the Parent/Tot class, parents and caregivers play with their children, helping support their exploration of the classroom materials and experiences. 

A parent poses for her little girl as she (the child) paints her mother's image on a clear, plexiglass easel.

During your "assisting days" your child will be able to show and share their favorite school activities. This preschooler enjoyed painting a portrait for her mom on our "clear easel".  Mom later described this as one of her favorite moments in the classroom:  being able to sit and watch her daughter "see" her. 

A father is reading a book to his daughter.

Books are always available for children to browse and read, either solo or with an adult.  In this snapshot, a child and her father get to enjoy reading a favorite tale in our cozy and quiet loft space. 

A father watches his daughter paint with dot markers.

While in the classroom, parents get to both play and watch how their children construct ideas (or, pieces of artwork, etc).  This dad was able to enjoy being in the moment with his daughter as she explored painting during free-play. 

Five children are sitting around a dad who is reading to them.

When assisting in the classroom, you not only get to know more about your child but their classmates/friends, too.  As the year progresses and children become familiar with their friends' parents, they exhibit a level of comfort that truly demonstrates our sense of community.