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Belonging to the Co-op: What Our Families Have to Say

Lincoln Park Co-op could not exist without the support and participation of our families. Families who join our school feel they get just as much out of the experience as they put in - from becoming more skilled in their interactions with their children by observing our exceptional teachers as they work with them in the classrooms, to forging life-long relationships with other families they count on for support and friendship. The school community benefits from the investment of each individual.

Shared from LPCNS Families, Past and Present!

Thoughts from former families...

"Enrolling our son at LPCNS is one of the best decisions we've ever made as parents. His teachers exhibited incredible care and respect for him and his ideas, and through thoughtfully and strategically selected classroom materials, our son’s individual interests were supported on a daily basis. His teachers’ gentle guidance helped him to grow immensely socially and emotionally during his time at the Co-Op, helping him to connect and empathize with his peers. We are grateful to LPCNS for creatively fueling our son’s endless curiosity and for instilling in him a love of school!" -Catherine and Jonathan Brown

Impressions from current families...

"All three of our children attended LPCNS during their preschool years (our third is a current student). The co-op is such a special place, and the school has been instrumental for our children and family. The staff here is incomparable - they are highly educated in the field and remain teachers for life. They are experts at teaching through play, respecting each child and working their magic to empower and inspire each kid who walks through the door. LPCNS fostered an early love of school in our kids and prepared them for Elementary school through the deep social/emotional learning that was instilled in them during their time at the co-op. Assisting in the classroom at this young age was priceless. As parents, we were able to learn from the teachers, experience school through our kids' eyes and create relationships with all of the children in the classroom. In addition, we made an entire community of family friends - friends who we vacation with, birthday party with and playdate with. This community supports each other through school transitions, life events and the day-to-day craziness of pickups/dropoffs, sick kids, etc. Any family would be lucky to attend!"

The Binetti Family


"Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School was our family’s introduction to a school community. It quickly became a home away from home for our three children, and a place where our family is always welcomed and loved. LPCNS laid the foundation for our children’s social emotional development, early literacy, problem solving skills, empathy and love of learning! Through thoughtful and intentional play, children discover so much about themselves, others and the world around them. We feel so grateful for LPCNS and the incredible teachers and families that pass through the big green door every day!"

The Eynon Family

This is a photo of a mom, dad and their three daughters who attend (or have attended) our preschool.