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Family Participation: What Does Cooperation Look Like?

What Does it Mean to Assist in the Classrooms?

The opportunity to assist in the classroom is often a main reason that parents seek out a cooperative nursery school. At Lincoln Park Co-op, parents assist on a rotating basis. The number of times per year depends on how often the class meets. While at school, parents collaborate with and learn from teachers, have the opportunity to be with their child at school, and get to know the other children in the class. Further, assisting parents have context for their children's experiences and a better understanding of what are strengths for their child, what challenges them and how to help their child build and meet those gifts and goals. 


All families have one parent who either serves on the board of directors or on a committee of the board. Committees are led by *chairpersons (*who serve on the board).

The board of directors meets monthly to discuss plans for the current school year.  These plans will include items such as:  reviewing and approving a budget for the school year, sharing committee work related to specific projects and looking ahead to the following school year (and beyond) to ensure that the programs offered are consistent with our mission as a school. 


Committees are led by chairpersons who serve on the board. Parents share their interests, talents, and backgrounds before being placed on a committee with the goal of making an appropriate and engaging match.

The committees are: Auction, Building, Education, Events, Membership, Publications, Social and Technology.  These committees work together, under the direction of the board/committee chairs and Executive Director, to carry out plans for the school.  In example, committee work may include tasks such as: assisting with the tours offered during enrollment season (Membership), helping coordinate family events to bring the community together (Events) and supporting the operational budget of the school via fundraising (Auction and Social)...  All of these efforts are further supported by the staff of LPCNS.  


Fundraising is also an important way that parents participate and contribute to the school. The annual tuition does not cover the entire cost of operating the school, so fundraising helps make up the difference. We fundraise in two ways. In the Fall, the Vice President of the board heads up the Annual Fund. Families are given a suggested donation amount, and are asked to contribute what they can. Our second way, is through the Annual Auction event, known as the best party of the school year! Parents are also required to donate an item to the auction. The item may be something they solicited from a business (like a gift card or experience), or something they own or have access to (like tickets to an event or a local vacation home). Of course, we want parents to participate in the on-line auction and to come to the party. Our goal is to have 100% parent participation in both of our fundraising events.