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A Brief History of LPCNS

Lincoln Park Co-op began because a group of parents wanted to give their children a nursery school experience that felt like an extension of home. Those founding families knew the importance of early education as well as the significance of parent involvement. They envisioned a school that would rely on parents to help run it.

   Nearly SEVENTY years later, our model remains dedicated to ensuring this home and school connection remains.

Our professional team of educators works alongside parents in the classroom; the school director works closely with the Board of Directors; and families serve on committees. Together, we make sure that each school year is a successful one for children and families, and that the legacy of the school as envisioned by our founding families continues to be an opportunity for future generations of Co-op children.

Preschoolers are gathered, sitting, to hear a story read by a classmate's mom.
Four children are playing with dolls and doll house furniture.
A parent poses for her little girl as she (the child) paints her mother's image on a clear, plexiglass easel.
A teacher is seated next to one of her preschool students as they ride a CTA train to downtown Chicago. 1980s.

A story in pictures: an assisting parent reads to a group of children in her daughter's class, a small group of children enjoy playing "house" with dolls and furniture and a daughter paints a portrait of her mom.

On the right: a former student with a classroom bunny, long-serving teacher (now retired) Ruth, enjoying "Toilet Paper Day" fun with the class and, last but not least, our longest serving staff member:  Angie Butler (*circa the 80s!)