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Classroom Life

Three children are using a chart to make notations on types of foods they tried.

Children in our classes enjoy a routine that allows for free-choice time as well as more directed times.  These children are recording their preferences for a taste-testing experiment that was held in their classroom. 

Children are gathered around their teacher watching as she demonstrates how to use an apple slicer

Preschoolers enjoy learning about process and steps.  To prepare for their upcoming "taste-test" they have to ready the fruits and vegetables.  Here, they learn how to use the apple slicer...which they will then be able to manipulate.  

Children are on the rug sitting around a giant taped grid, practicing math skills.

Early math skills are developed via everyday experiences such as counting and practicing one-to-one correspondence.   As children show readiness, they begin to expand upon their knowledge base exploring number sense, part-to-whole relationships, etc.  Of course, using real materials and visual supports are essential to helping children master these concepts.  Here, the meeting rug turns into a grid to help foster these growing math concepts.