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Inclusion Policies

Each child at Lincoln Park Co-op is recognized for the unique individual they are. Teachers learn about their likes and dislikes, their strengths, their areas for growth, and how they best learn in the busy school environment. Research and experience show that all children have individual learning profiles. As a school, we believe that identifying the ways to individualize the classroom experience is the best way to help children learn and grow.

Lincoln Park Co-op is an inclusive school that welcomes children of varying abilities. It enriches the lives of all children by bringing them together in an environment that teaches acceptance, respect and appreciation of individual differences. We are committed to the inclusion of children with special needs both financially and philosophically. We strive to provide the support needed to ensure a successful preschool experience for all children accepted into the program.

Many young children receive outside support services, such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, etc. If your child is receiving - or has received – outside support services in the past please notify the Director upon enrollment. It is important that our staff be considered part of the team of professionals working to address the needs of your child. All information will be treated with confidentiality. We believe that this practice helps us to support your child's development.

While we make every effort to accommodate all children who are admitted through our established admittance process, if accommodation would result in an undue burden on the resources of the school or fundamentally alter the nature of the program, admission or continued enrollment at Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School may be denied.