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Hello Lincoln Park Cooperative Community,

As we prepare to open our doors for in-person learning, ahead of what will be the Co-op’s 70th year in 2021, we are embarking on a journey like no other! We must first express gratitude to our families for trusting that we will do everything we can to keep our school safe and to ensure the legacy of the Co-op does not waiver in the midst of a global pandemic.  

The safety of our students and teachers is the number one priority this school year.  As a result, we will be investing in items that we simply could not have factored into our planned tuition rates or budget. Additionally, to enhance classroom safety, DCFS has greatly limited our maximum enrollment numbers. As a result, we will not have enough tuition income to support the new and additional operating expenses.

It is with this context that we reach out to our community and ask for your support.

Our staff has created a list of the new and needed items for the 2020-21 school year. These items range from enhanced safety measures for the building to materials that support learning in our outdoor classroom. If you, your friends, or family members would like to support this effort, please see our Amazon Wish List, make a Zelle Quick Payment (admin@lincolnparkcoop.org) or drop a check in the mail, payable to Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School. For tracking and receipt purposes, please complete this donation form to indicate your method of donation. 

Donating these items will enrich our children’s learning environment and make it successful and safe. We will be looking to purchase these additional items with the money raised: 

From L/R, top to bottom: storage shed, folding tables, laundry baskets, storage totes, toilet seat adapters  and screen doors

If you have any questions on how best you can support the Co-op, from a cash donation, to your time and talents, or to a purchase off of our Amazon Wish List, please reach out to our parent coordinator for this project: Tina Poupard at tkaramyar@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Yours in partnership for early childhood education,


           Sarah Stanton                                                Mark Koenig

Board of Directors, President                    Board of Trustees, President