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Philosophy and Curriculum

Three boys are in a rocking boat.

Three students are taking a pretend voyage upon a boat during free-play.  The stories that can emerge during pretend play are often paired with movement, too...which is very appropriate for the young child. 

Four children are engaged in wheel barrel races.

The JK'ers are enjoying races in the classroom.  Not only do these races promote cooperation but they also encourage motor planning, upper body strength and coordination as well as sustaining attention (you have to keep in touch with your partner for this to work!).

Three girls are pretending to play shopping with a cash register and pretend money.

Dramatic play is a cornerstone of childhood development.  What may first come to mind is the social/emotional development that is supported in that space...very true.  In addition, however, children learn to negotiate roles, attend to the perspective of their peers and marry in other skills depending on the play space and materials. (*a little number awareness goes a long way in making for a successful transaction!).