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Dear Families,

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure a year?” This famous song from “Rent” popped into my head as I thought about writing my end-of-the-year letter to you. At first, I was puzzled by the line, until I realized that it asked a question I needed to ponder:

How will I measure this year?

In our data-driven society, we tend to measure things numerically. And quantitative data does provide valuable information:

Children enrolled for the  2018-2019 school year:   91
New families joining LPCNS in 2019-2020:  25
New babies born to the LPCNS community: 10
School News emailed to families:  32
Families touring LPCNS in 2018-19:  77
Times I cleaned the basement with the help of parents: Too many to count!

That is not what I will remember from this year, however. . . .

I will remember the hugs and the laughter, the fall social (beer pong anyone?!), the totally awesome 80’s auction, and the children's delight in the outdoor classroom. I will remember my feeling of awe as I watched your teachers stage our outdoor spaces for learning and play.

I will remember the first day that all of the 2 Day children put on their coats, all by themselves, and the day I went with the JK South to Bauler Park. I will remember watching in wonder as the 4 Day children mastered new skills introduced during table time. I will remember welcoming new Parent/Tot families through the fall and into winter. I will remember watching excited JK North children play their Secret Suitcase game. I will remember the day most of the 3 Day children ran into school with their parents trailing 1/4 of a block behind. I will remember being welcomed by both JK classes as I introduced the children to three Reggio-inspired, collaborative art experiences.

I will remember having no idea what GSuite, Enotify and Finalsite  were, and being completely overwhelmed by all of the new names and faces I was trying to learn.  

I will remember one Thursday evening at the dinner table with my husband, waiting for the moment when the  Enrichment sign-up “went live.” I will remember listening to the teachers share insights and experiences from the week at our Friday staff meetings. I will remember how proud I was to talk about LPCNS with prospective families, and showing them our school “in action.” I will remember feeling at home the moment I walked in the front door for my meeting with the Search Committee last June and, at the same time, wondering if I was up to the task of helping the school prepare to embark on its next chapter.

These things are not easily measured in numbers. The song from “Rent” suggests “measure in love.” There is an abundance of love at LPCNS—of exploring and creating, of our school community and its history, of nature and our planet, and of being and learning together. That may be the only “measure” that is needed or important.

It has been a privilege serving as LPCNS’s Director this year, and am thrilled to begin my second year with you.  

With gratitude,






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