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Happy Holidays from the Lincoln Park Co-op’s Board of Trustees!  Even if your children are now in middle school, high school, or college, I know that thoughts and memories of the Co-op bring a smile to your face. 

The Trustees are a group of six former Co-op parents elected by the membership to serve in an advisory role to the school.  This Fall, we welcomed Stacia Feinberg to her first term as a Trustee.  The Trustees formally meet three times a year to help Shannon, the teachers, and the current Board of Directors in any way we can.  Since 1983, the Trustees have also been tasked with fundraising for a “Trustee’s Fund” – money that can be used at our discretion for expenses not covered by the Co-op’s annual operating budget.

The Co-op continues to be a thriving “school home” for its families, and the community remains dedicated to ensuring that its applicants and students reflect the makeup of the whole of our city.  The reality is that the amazing educational opportunities offered by the Co-op come at a considerable expense for all of its families.  To put this in perspective, the Co-op awarded $21,000 in tuition assistance to current students for the 2017-18 school year.  But the school and the Trustees want to do even more to help increase the accessibility and affordability of our school for as many families as possible.  Therefore, in coordination with Shannon and the Board of Directors, the Trustees are thrilled to announce that all monies raised in the 2017-18 Trustee’s Fund will be designated for financial aid

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the Trustee’s Fund.  No amount is “too small” and our goal is to see as many families as possible participating in this important philanthropic initiative.  Donations to the Trustee’s Fund can most conveniently be made online at https://www.lincolnparkcoop.orgIf you prefer, checks may be made payable to LPCNS and mailed to the school.  Thank you for your support!


 Jon Spanbauer, on behalf of:

 Mark Koenig, Cindy Laegeler, Christine Weil, Jon Spanbauer, Stacia Feinberg, and Eiman Chaudri

2017-18 LPCNS Elected Trustees

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