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Two little girls are using soapy water and paint brushes to %22wash%22 the brick exterior of their school building.

During the warmer months, outdoor water-play is an essential and enjoyable activity for our preschoolers.  These two children are enjoying "washing" off the previous chalk drawings made by their classmates. 

Children are using paintbrushes with soapy water to wash the exterior of their school.

The summer weather brings our waterplay outdoors!

Four children are washing the exterior of the brick building with soapy water and paint brushes

One of the joys of summer is outdoor play.  Earlier in the day, children were able to draw with chalk on the sidewalks and brick exterior of our long as at the end of the day they agree to wash it and prepare it for the next group.  In true Co-op fashion, these children are making the space ready for the next day's groups!

Our Mission

The mission of Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program for preschool children, governed by a parent board and staffed by professional early childhood educators with assistance from parents and guardians.


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Happening Now

lpcns response to coronavirus:  covid-19

We are writing today to update you on the school's strategy for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. In response to COVID-19, we have formed a COVID-19 committee to monitor the situation, create protocols, and ensure we are strictly abiding by the CDC Guidelines. Under our COVID-19 protocols, LPCNS defines our community as: staff, students, parents, immediate caregivers, and any other individuals living with you. We urge you to be transparent with us, and immediately inform us if you or anyone with whom you have had close contact has been exposed to  COVID-19.  (*continue reading here)


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