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Two little girls are using soapy water and paint brushes to %22wash%22 the brick exterior of their school building.

During the warmer months, outdoor water-play is an essential and enjoyable activity for our preschoolers.  These two children are enjoying "washing" off the previous chalk drawings made by their classmates. 

Children are using paintbrushes with soapy water to wash the exterior of their school.

The summer weather brings our waterplay outdoors!

Four children are washing the exterior of the brick building with soapy water and paint brushes

One of the joys of summer is outdoor play.  Earlier in the day, children were able to draw with chalk on the sidewalks and brick exterior of our school...as long as at the end of the day they agree to wash it and prepare it for the next group.  In true Co-op fashion, these children are making the space ready for the next day's groups!

Our Mission

The mission of Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program for preschool children, governed by a parent board and staffed by professional early childhood educators with assistance from parents and guardians.


From LPCNS Families...

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Cindy and Brian Laegelar

"LPCNS was an incredible first school experience for our family.  From the sensitive way the school handles separation, to the play-based educational philosophy with embedded curricular objectives, to the modeling of communication skills and the gentle way in which conflicts were diffused, LPCNS created a warm, nurturing environment that fostered our daughter's love of school.  As parents, we gained valuable child development pointers through our time assisting in the classroom, insights shared during parent/teacher conferences, and the parent education provided through school news, events, and discussions with the staff.  Perhaps most importantly, we met other families who, ten years later, are still some of our closest friends."

Josh and Lissa Shipley

Throughout our 4 years at Lincoln Park Co-op, school has always felt like an extension of our home; a place of trust, partnership, and support for our children and our family.  There is no better feeling as a parent than to know your children are safe, happy, and loved inside the school doors, and LPCNS provided that and so much more.  The warmth, patience, and individualized approach of the teachers and staff are unparalleled.  Being able to spend significant time assisting in the classroom allowed us to bond with our kids in such a unique way, and watching the teachers in action gave us new tools to become better parents in the process.  With like-minded parents at the school, we have made friends for life and know our kids have as well.  We couldn’t have imagined a better first school experience, are grateful for the foundation our children were given as people and learners, and will forever hold a special place in our hearts for our Co-op years.  

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